Dominican Republic

Have you ever seen something so beautiful it made you cry? This trip was remarkable. Literally every experience was breathtaking. From the food, to the music, scenery, the people, and the harmony. Not once did we kill each other lol. This beauty in nature is Gods inheritance to us, although many times we are not worthy. Dominican Republic you captured my heart in a way I didn’t believe you would. You reminded me of all the things I do have and forget about all the things I don’t have.

Drug Store Hair Products

heal1. Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Heal & Seal Treatment

In the name of hair masks, I hereby declare Garnier Fructis Damager Eraser Heal & Seal Treatment the absolute best! My hair has been through bleach, dyes, heat damage, and enough damage to have to chop it off and start again. It took me about 2-3 years to grow it out long and this stuff helped me immensely! I can literally feel my hair so smooth right after I use this stuff. It’s so affordable and it is great for any type of hair.


botanique2. Tresemme Botanique Oil Elixir

Honayyyyyyy! This ish right here, is absolutely marvelous ( in a british accent). When I get out of the shower, and my hair is slightly damp, I spray this stuff on my ends only. I never blow dry my hair everyday so I usually let it air dry or tie it up in a bun so it remains damp and later on I can blow dry it. Even when my hair air dries this stuff makes my hair feel like silk! To top it off, it makes my hair smell like I left a massage facility filled with myrrh and exotic oils.

3. Loreal ElVive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey girl, Heyyyy. I found out about this one from a friend who has crazy curls. For all you curly heads this will be yo besht fraaannnnddd. The smell is beyond amazing. It may be overpowering for some people. I DO NOT use this for myself. My daughter on the other hand has dry, tiny spiral curls, that make her look like Mufasa. But this, this just tames all of the craziness. Upon waking her hair is still in perfect conditions. Again, I comb her hair after using in the shower and just let her hair air dry.


marcanthony4. Marc Anthony Curl Cream

I think its safe to say that I am obsessed with all things that smell wonderful. Another product that I am in love with but do not use. This one is also for my daughter. I put this on her when we are about to head out of the house. Usually I spray her hair with water so its damp and easy to brush. This way her hair is able to absorb the product evenly. After air drying hair looks and smells amazing. Usually every weekday we leave the house around 8.30am and I’ll pick her up from school at 3pm and WALLA her hair is still beautiful. Such a long lasting, budget friendly product. High five Marc Anthony!



5. Tresemme Heat Taming Spray

Ahhh the infamous heat protecting spray. It is true, this spray is very good. And for a whopping $5 you can do yourself the favor of treating your hair with the respect it deserves. This thing does not make my hair oily or feel like there is product buildup. It is so simple in smell and formula. Thank you Tresemme. The reputation this product holds, speaks for itself.


These are the essentials for me and my family. If you’re wondering why I didn’t place any gels or hairsprays on my list, it is because we don’t use any. Hair gels and hairsprays just make our hair fall and dry out. Everyone is different and these are the products that work for us. I’m still on a journey to find a shampoo + conditioner that doesn’t make my hair look like you can fry an egg on it the next day (sighs). Just don’t forget the most important thing to keep your hair growing long and strong is to hydrate. Above all things, drink good water and lots of it.